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Businesses are investing in updating their application portfolios, including legacy and other app modernization projects. This entails refining corporate operating models within a hybrid cloud strategy to drive cost efficiency, productivity, and innovation potential.
Our application modernization services include skills, methodologies, and resources to assist you in selecting the best plan for modernizing and containerizing old apps and accelerating the time-to-value of hybrid cloud environments based on your portfolio.

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Micro-changes enable more significant changes to be implemented without disrupting day-to-day operations, allowing firms to carry on with business as usual.
By driving these changes with micro-change interventions, CodeEpsilon Application Modernization smoothens execution. Our Application Modernization Services assist you in transitioning your outdated systems to a modern cloud-native microservices core, allowing businesses to innovate at scale while decreasing technical debt.

Application Modernization - Key Factors

Improved functionality and performance

Modernization can help to improve the functionality and performance of an application, making it more efficient and effective at meeting the needs of users.

Increased security

As technology evolves, so do the security threats that organizations face. Modernization can help to address these threats by incorporating newer, more secure technologies into the application.

Enhanced User Experience

Modernization can improve user experience by making the application more intuitive and easier to use. This is particularly important in the case of consumer-facing applications, where a good user experience is critical to success.

Activate New Strength for Your Legacy Apps

Consultation on Application Modernization

We thoroughly evaluate your old application code and infrastructure, assess requirements, and provide specific recommendations on maximizing the value of earlier investments.

Re-hosting an application

We migrate the application from on-premises or the old cloud environment to the new cloud infrastructure. Regarding app robustness, performance, and scalability, re-hosting provides limited cloud-driven benefits.

Re-platforming of applications

We supplement shifting the program to the cloud with minor code changes and upgrades to provide the application with more advanced cloud capabilities.

Re-designing an application

We redesign the application's architecture (for example, splitting it into web services/microservices) to fully utilize cloud capabilities. The application will adapt to changing load and performance needs and allow for partial updates, technology mix, and shared platform utilization.

Re-engineering of applications

We can help you restore and slightly modify the code and design of your long-running enterprise systems using our extensive pool of legacy application modernization skills.

Re-coding an application (automated and customized)

We revitalize your applications built on ancient languages, platforms, and aged technology by utilizing new programming languages, frameworks, and databases.

Containerization of applications

Across all modernization possibilities, we can package your programs or portions into OS-independent packages.

End-to-end Transformation to Digital

Working with firms on their transformation path, we help them become intelligent, everlasting businesses. We assist them in being nimble and making decisions based on data insights.

Extracting for business rules

Our workforce pulls business demands from software applications and converts them into natural or formal language for additional analysis or forward engineering.

Seize The opportunity to Enhance Legacy Systems

Modernization is at the heart of innovation, with cloud use on the rise. It’s simple to see why primarily when perks like scalability and agility can provide your company with a competitive advantage.
We leverage intelligent automation, industrialized assets, specialist expertise, and global delivery capabilities to make legacy systems nimbler and more efficient. Our engineers execute digital transformation projects to reduce legacy debt while providing you with enhanced agility, flexibility, and system robustness.
Our application modernization projects will ensure you are ready for a digital world. Our enterprise application modernization services let firms innovate quickly and scale swiftly by using Cloud, Web, Mobility, Blockchain, and Analytics advancements.
Evaluate and Prioritize
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We evaluate legacy programs based on two criteria: their value to the business and their technical debt over time. The ones with the highest worth and the lowest debts are then prioritized.
Start Small
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We comprehend the complexities of the project and pick up learnings rapidly by starting small. This allows us to begin producing measurable outcomes while simultaneously gaining the support of crucial stakeholders.
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Introducing automation is more than just optimizing; our engineers use it to provide dynamism, agility, resilience, and security to your business and applications.
Continuous Supply
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Our automation skills and solutions, such as Kubernetes, enable enterprises to deploy innovations while reducing release timelines to days.
Reduced Technical Debt
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Reduce your reliance on out-of-date frameworks and libraries. New technologies, like microservices and Kubernetes, will also aid with selective scalability.
More Economical
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Increase the speed of application modernization by using modernization patterns, enhanced analytical tools, and new delivery models, which saves time and money.
Run with Assurance
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Benefit from our relationship indefinitely. We do more than manage enterprise technology; we work with you to facilitate continual digital transformation.
Transition with No Friction
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Our strategy considers a structured roadmap that divides monoliths into microservices. This guarantees that all functions remain operational.

Top Application Modernization Service Provider

The most excellent way to see what modern architecture can accomplish for your organization is to try it out yourself. We prototype wireframes at our office to show you exactly how they will look for your company. We will walk you through the transition from your legacy environment to the current Cloud Platform step by step.
Our modernization experts assist IT management in removing unnecessary operating costs, decreasing capital spending, and freeing up employees for new strategic and revenue-generating cloud initiatives.

Why Partner With CodeEpsilon?

With the support of our hybrid solutions and industry experience, you can achieve your specific goals. Our people—their breadth of industry experience and technical skills—combined with our engineering acumen, intellectual property, and ecosystem technologies—set us unique. We swiftly examine your business processes to see how your old technology supports them.
Our innovative approach is based on our extensive experience implementing complex, large-scale technology transformations. It is powered by a combination of strategically acquired and internally cultivated hybrid modernization and migration solutions that incorporate a vision for how digital technologies can transform your business.
The micro-approach extends across seven layers to meticulously implement a modernization strategy and methodology.