Testimonials from Our Amazing Clients

These success stories from across the world make us
happy and encourage us to keep doing what we are doing.

“The experience working with the CodeEpsilon team was exceptional. They are one of the best when it comes to ideation, concept development, new product engineering, product development, prototyping, and bringing ideas to life. Their understanding of the business need was right on the spot and the quality of actual marketable product. All across the product life cycle and beyond, the team has been extremely accommodating and has always been highly professional. Highly recommend, and will continue to use their services for future projects.”


[Managing Director, TxTrax Ltd]
“CodeEpsilon is the best IT partner we’ve worked with. CodeEpsilon has been our partner since it started. They have developed, maintained, and supported a variety of software solutions. Recently they have also embarked on a Software-As-A-Service project, whereby we have jointly written the specs, and they run and maintain the software and the supporting systems. Plenty of expertise is available, and projects are managed on time and within budget. In everything they do, you will find a total dedication to helping you succeed. They are totally dedicated to a project. In helping define the requirements, delivering clean code, and truly amazing support. Nothing seems to be a problem, even debugging very old applications they didn’t even build, is part of what they do. In the hectic world of IT, CodeEpsilon is the oasis that brings tranquility to all our projects. When you think about outsourcing IT-related projects, contact CodeEpsilon. I haven’t found anything they cannot do, to the highest standards.”


[CTO @ Howards Home]
“I was taken by surprise by how fast they came up with the possible solution design in our very first valuation call. The same agility, spontaneity, and precise understanding of the problem statement were depicted by CodeEpsilon when the prototype was made. Since then it was the same till the product was completed the deployed. The level of support they gave in even after the solution was deployed was appreciable. In my experience, they are one of the best development teams to partner with. They will deliver under all circumstances and challenges – be it internal or external to the project.”


[CEO @ C4Systems]
“Our journey with the team CodeEpsilon was remarkable. Not only they developed what was asked for, but they also played an instrumental role in shaping the whole idea. With them, they brought years of experience onboard and were very instrumental in shaping up the whole concept based on market trends and competitor analysis. The mobile app delivered was”


[Founder @ BeerClues]
“They give great help beyond the scope of the business. They give suggestions on business management that are helpful. They won’t sleep for three days until they fix the problems. The only advice for any potential customers – Treat them like a real partner and they can move mountains for you.”


[Founder @ Vidolci Videos]