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DevOps is the unification of development (Dev) and Operations (Ops). This unification happens on the level Tools, Practices, Teams and their Philosophies. According to IDC Survey forecast conducted in Jun2022 the DevOps tools market revenue for 2022-26 is whopping $15.9 billion.
With Development and Operations integrated together, the pace and precision of the product development becomes much higher than their segregated execution.
At CodeEpsilon we help you transform your Organizational processes by implementing DevOps resulting in faster development and quicker time to market. Our team of DevOps Engineers, enable cloud infrastructure & automate processes using continuous integration tools and pipelines.

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CodeEpsilon DevOps Services

DevOps Consulting

Implementing DevOps is much more than implementing and integrating tools or techniques. It’s a complete change in mindset and approach which often invite resistances. At CodeEpsilon we help you transit from traditional segregated approach towards Development and operations to a more unified approach for building a high-quality software faster. With us enterprises can witness collaborated performance, high quality software and faster delivery.

Strategy And Assessment

We construct DevOps Assessment roadmap by visualizing the intended state and establishing the traceable indicators. Our agile strategies help organizations accelerate their workflows as our seasoned experts are well versed in assessment of Infrastructure Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and DevOps Automation Strategy.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

We assist organizations in efficiently integrating all developers’ work in a dynamic environment for better visibility throughout the team. With our service, enterprises of all sizes can generate, evaluate, and release codes quickly. Through continued automated testing we help in improving quality and validity of the process.

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What all we can do for you!

CodeEpsilon DevOps Services For Better Collaboration And Enhanced Productivity

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After auditing your current business setup, we design an automation plan that automates the entire process pipeline from code generation to production. Our automation strategy helps businesses accelerate their workflow with end-to-end automation.
Managed Services
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We ensure continuous monitoring & delivery of applications, along with process management, release management and security management to eliminate errors & the possibility of failing systems.
Cloud Migration
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We optimize your entire cloud migration with our near-zero risk migration process. Our migration strategy helps make it easier to automate and simplify the data transfer from current system to cloud.

Latest Projects

Why DevOps ?

DevOps offers many advantages over the traditional methodology. Some key advantages being

Why CodeEpsilon For Your DevOps Transformation?

Integrated Operations, CI/CD, Process Automations and better resource utilizations are just few of the many promising benefits that DevOps offers enterprises.
Our DevOps services provide speed and stability to Software Development and Deployment with maximum efficiency – optimizing business in a way never seen before.
Our DevOps and Cloud Enablement solutions help overcome the challenges of application and system migration to the cloud.
Move to continuous delivery with CodeEpsilon’s DevOps services. With us enterprises can witness collaborated performance, high quality software and faster delivery.

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