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A mobile app to keep your loved ones connected with you via your shared videos and photos not only when you are there but even after you are not around in future.

Why Legacy Stay Present ?

Be present and remembered long after I am gone – A desire most of us have. What better if your loved ones can see and hear you not only when you are there but even when you are no longer there for them?
An Arizona based start-up wanted to give this desire a shape. In the Digital Era, they wanted this desire to be fulfilled using modern age technology. The concept was designed special people in mind like elderly people, Defence personnel, People working in Dangerous Professions etc where life is always on the edge and the very next moment is un-known. Also, for the people with terminal illness who unfortunately know that the time is soon going to be there. The company wanted to enable its customers create and share events, memories, thoughts and views via Videos and Photos with loved ones while they are there and also when they are no longer there.
Welcome to the world of LEGACY STAY PRESENT APP wherein you can create and share your memories in the form of Videos and Photos and remain with you loved lone even long after you are not there.

Interface and Usage

Invitation and Social Circles

After Life Posts

LEGACY STAY PRESENT APP facilitates you to store videos to be sent to your loved ones once you are no longer there.
Wondering how your afterlife posts will be shared to your loved ones.
The LEGACY STAY PRESENT APP provisions designation of up to 2 trustees from your circles. They can request the release of your afterlife videos once after you on your behalf. Our afterlife videos will then be shared with your loved ones.
Worried your After Life videos would be released by mistake by your trustee.
Don’t worry … you get a waiting period to cancel the Afterlife Release request made by your trustee before they are actually released.

Share and Comments

LEGACY STAY PRESENT APP allows you to Create & Share Personalised Videos and Photos instantly within your circles or members.
You can also Schedule Personalised Videos and Photos for a later date from within the app. The app we will make sure that it reaches on the right date automatically.
Interact with your loved ones via the App. Liked the photos or videos sent to you, don’t wait – Post a comment on the post to let them know what you want to say. And guess what – they can also replay back with their comments to you.

Salient Features

System Management

The system has a well-designed and calibrated administration panel for managing critical system operations.
The System Administrator can manage app users, get critical notifications approve/disapprove Afterlife Video Release request.

Application Screenshots

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