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Project Background and Goals

First generation of the Loop News Platform from Trend Media was a huge success. Digicel Group, the parent company of Trend Media, wanted to re-iterate the same success with the second-generation Loop News Platform, which was expected to be an even better, faster, and robust system not only for end users but for the News Management Group.
The next generation platform was not only expected to be feature rich but was expected to have a overhauled architecture and infrastructure. The system was intended not only to provide news to its users but to provide them as they wanted and how they wanted.

Key Expectations

The second generation of the system was designed and developed considering the critical feedback obtained both from its users and based on the content/news management team working in backend.
The acceptance and thus the success of the whole product was based on the effectiveness of certain critical success factors-

Key Technical-Functional Challenges

Project Challenges

The project presented both functional and technical challenges that were managed with effective collaboration and strategic planning and a commitment to our iteration-based development process.

System Design and Architecture Challenges

Our Approach

We got involved at an early i.e., at the conceptualization and design stage of the product. Our Product Development Consulting Team was engaged with multi-functional team at customer’s end to design every aspect of the product. We got involved even with the III parties to define interaction and interface end points making sure that every aspect of the system performs as it should.
We provided a multi-phased iterative approach that supported continuous deliveries, ensured a successful launch, and provided ongoing support.
Key activities performed to execute and deliver the target system-

Key Features

The Result

As expected, second generation Loop News Delivery Platform, based on its R-R-R platform providing the Right Content at the Right Time to the Right User gathered a vast user base. It changed the way news was being read and shared. Its advance notification system made sure that the users are always updated about the new content being available.
It provides an idle platform for both News Creators and News Consumers. The content creator creates the content using a very easy to use Drag-n-Drop interface where content creation becomes a breeze. Once done, the AI-Engine ensures that the news is delivered based on user behavior, response, and adaptability. This enables a high level of participation and acceptance of the news by the reader as each one gets a personalized feeling.
The system provides multifold advantages to the organizations enrolling for the program –
The system is equally advantageous for the Individuals-




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