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A multistore Ecomm web system also enabling landscape buliding via web interface enhancing user imagination with a virtual design interface at the same time boosting digital marketing initiatives.

Client Background

Moon Valley Nurseries (MVN) is one of the largest and premier nurseries within US. MVN has around 40 nurseries across US. It not only allows its customers shop for all their landscaping needs, but also offers professional landscaping consulting services to setup any residential or commercial space professionally.

The Objective

MVN as an organization was expanding and was keep to take the next leap. They wanted to take their product-line online, Re-Brand their Online Image and wanted to use online ecosystem to generate leads.
They primarily were looking for a Ecommerce Platform for selling their product-line. Additionally, they wanted to Re-brand their Digital Presence and generate Leads online via a very intuitive Online Landscape Design tool that will help their visitors engage with them instantly.
The new Web Platform was to be re-designed with the latest corporate theme in view and the whole system, including Landscaping Tool and mobile apps, were expected to offer an Intuitive and interactive design and enhanced user experience resulting into higher user engagement.

Salient Features

The Challenge

With the increasing competition, it was essential to build an efficient platform with the right set of capabilities. However, with our client-centric and strategic approach we built MVN that will surely stand out from the competition with its robust features.

Our Approach

Considering the need of integrating the existing systems and workflows into the new proposed system, the critical factor for the successful acceptance of the new formulated system was the answer to some critical questions

The very obvious very first step was to conduct the User Workshops. Within these workshops, we understood how the present systems were being used. What the customer loves and hates about the present system. What features, requirements and workflows are expected from the new system.

The key Outcome of this step was BRD (Business Requirement Definition) document which clearly mentioned all the features, workflows, challenges and key expectations from the new system.

Once all the requirements were collected, the immediate next step was to do a technical and architectural design of the system. The key aspect while doing a technical architecture design were
  • Technology Matrix for the optimum performance and intuitive UI/UX
  • Setup and Infrastructure
  • System integration model with consideration of security and performance
  • Backups and fallback mechanisms
Outcome was the TRS (Technical Research Specification) Document that highlighted all these aspects along with the possible cost estimates of setting up and scaling up of the estimates.

With so much details on hand the one thing that can still go wrong is the usability of the newly designed system. UX is the thin line between acceptance and rejection of the system. Moreover, the customer had a very high expectation from the Lead Generation Tool.

So, we created a non-working system for the customer to use and play with. This helped us gather a lot of information pre-hand and re-align the screen flows, which if identified later would have swirled up the whole system.

Outcome was the NFP that was accepted by the user and was technically evaluated by the development team, leaving no ambiguity or surprises at the either ends. Based on this the system was taken into development.

The development engineers took the system into development in Agile mode. Periodic reporting sessions were conducted with the customer during development phase wherein developments were demoed, challenges and any delays were discussed along with the mitigation plans.

After completing development, quality assurance, internal testing, and user acceptance testing, we implemented an app deployment and rolled out the strategy in the Apple and Android markets.

The Solution

Keeping ideology and requirements in mind, we managed to implement the client’s vision. Built on a highly intuitive platform, MVN ensures highly effective yet efficient features. With a strategic, customer-centric approach and simple UI/UX, it completely redefines the way of lead generation. We have also eliminated outdated and traditional techniques while enhancing the experience.
CodeEpsilon’s MVN Backyard Builder provided the right direction for the client’s vision and even narrowed down the end user’s pain points.
By choosing us as a trusted partner for ecommerce and mobile app development, Moon Valley Nurseries are now able to grow their business, resources and online user base with the next generation interactive landscape design tool and use the III party system seamlessly with the newly build Ecommerce Platform and Lead Generation tool, increasing staff efficiency.

Interactive Landscape Design For Users

Upload the photo of the Landscape you want to design and start adding or removing the Trees, plants, cacti, shrubs and everything in Moon Valley’s inventory on the Landscape, until you are satisfied.
Show your skills as a Landscape Design yourself!
Guess What!
All you need is your tablet and your imagination and you can start creating the best version of your garden or backyard. Need second opinion, save your design and come back to it later, make changes and when you’re done, send your design to MVN landscape experts for feedback, suggestions. Or place an order and MVN team will get it done for you, exactly the way you designed it.

Lead Generation Tool For Business

While the app is fun, productive, and interactive for users on the front end, Backyard Builder supports many of MVN’s nursery business lead generation strategies. Backyard Builder not only integrates with existing MVN enterprise ecommerce website solutions, workflows, and back-end systems, but also connects directly to the store itself and the landscape designer, providing Moon Valley Nurseries an efficient acquisition and conversion channel providing Leads and Quality Sales.

Results Of Our Efforts

Usability Features

Operational Features

Security And Compliance