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SRMG Verify enables the app users scan SRMG tickets and give the customer the ability to see the shipping status of their expected delivery at any moment in time depending on their location

Application Background

SRMG Verification is used to track and report pickups, and shipping activities of SRMG products accurately to its customers. Above all, it facilitates delivery scan wherein the delivery can be scanned and reported. It can even track and evaluate the accuracy of shipping and allows adjustments or corrections to delivery quantities.
This process also provides the ability for the customers to see the expected shipping status at any time. The benefit of SRMG is that they will be able to track supply delivery to the customer’s location to reduce the lost profitability generated from the re-route of shipping and leakage costs. The benefit of the application for SRMG customers is that they will be able to see various aspects of shipping status to manage to ship better on the route. SRMG and its customers will increase operational efficiency.

Company Background

Phoenix Cement Company based in Phoenix, Arizona is a regional provider of Portland Cements, Fly Ash, and Gypsum Products.

Getting Started


The very first step was to understand the business problem and challenges faced by the customer. Understanding the same would enable us to formulate a technical solution. Our project manager along with the Logistics SME, conducted brainstorming sessions with the clients to gain insight into the actual process and shortfalls. We also took a step ahead and understood the real-life scenario wherein we tried to understand how the potential app will be used. These sessions helped us translate the Business Problem into Key Expectations.


The main objective of this project was to develop a shipment tracking application for iOS and Android that uses high-end barcode scanning, and real-time geolocation, to provide real-time delivery updates, with support for offline shipment scanning and fully integrated with SRMG’s internal command system for shipment reconciliation.

Customer Key Expectations

At CodeEpsilon we develop robust applications with various features and functions. And our clients also wanted to develop apps with the latest functionalities.
The key Business Challenge that encouraged the customer to a digital solution was the Loss of Profitability due to missing delivery information caused due to delivery re-routes or partial deliveries made.
With the primary goal of facilitating efficient product delivery tracking, the app was also expected to provide ease and convenience in getting instant access to the information related to the delivery. A couple of key client expectations:

User Personas

From the affinity map we can create two personas

The Challenges

While brainstorming sessions, there were 3 critical usability and acceptability functionalities identified which were very critical for the acceptance of the app by the end users.
The app was to be used on the delivery sites and due to the busy schedule and usage of heavy construction-grade uniforms, it was very important that the Batch Coordinator gets the latest delivery information very quickly and swiftly without going through several clicks within the app. Also due to the same reason, it would be very cumbersome for the Batch Coordinator to key in the delivery details based on the real-time load information for the load brought in by the carrier.
Real-Time Geolocation (Delivery Status)
SRMG’s swift delivery information challenge was presented with a unique solution via geolocation tracking. The implementation would be that when the app user logs into the application and checks the delivery status (by route or material, etc.), the user’s real-time geolocation would be used to only display the delivery status destined for that location. Geolocation radius restrictions were to be set in the application to ensure that the various facilities were clearly identified, and delivery status is not incorrectly displayed for nearby facilities.
Barcode Scan
Each load was delivered with a BARCODE containing complete information about the load. SRMG’s Batch Coordinator has provisioned the ability to scan the load barcode with the mobile device. Each scan collected the delivery details so that the user does not need to feed them in. The user was allowed to change any specific details if needed. Also, as there were multiple vendors, there were multiple types of Barcodes used by them. The system was made so that it can handle these heterogeneous barcodes.
Barcode Scan – Speech To Text
In case the BARCODE cannot be scanned due to print quality, the user can speak the Ticket Number to record the receipt of the load. The SPEECH TO TEXT feature converts the spoken number into text and matches it with the database to mark the receipt of the load.
Another critical challenge for the Batch Coordinator and Account Manager was the reporting of the delivery records electronically always, even when the delivery is made at remote locations where internet facilities are not available. They wanted to avoid the situation where half the records are managed electronically and half of them are on paper.
Offline App Availability And Runtime Sync
The solution devised was to provide offline availability of the app with limited features enabling the user to scan the barcode and record the information. The information recorded is then synced dynamically when the internet is available the next time.
SRMG was already using software for Order Management and Logistics. The users did not want another software for provisioning and feeding operational data.
High-End Order Management System Integration
The solution was that the application must integrate and send data back and forth/synchronize with SRMG’s internal order management system in near real-time and follow a set of data processing rules to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

The Approach We Took


Strategic planning

UX/UI Design

Rapid prototyping

Iterative development

API development and integration

Alpha and QA testing

Client UAT closed group beta testing

Deployment & Launch

Transfer and training of product knowledge

Extended warranty support and maintenance

The Outcome

The result of this project is a robust application for Android and iOS, specifically designed for the Salt River Materials Group. The SRMG mobile app gives the ability to track shipments in transit and scan shipments in real-time as they are received. The mobile app also gives SRMG delivery/order managers the ability to process orders in transit more efficiently, manage order issues, and reconcile forwarded and shared loads more efficiently.
The operational benefits now realized by SRMG include

Key Features

How SRMG Helped?

From the start, the SRMG solution stood out as an intuitive and easy-to-use solution for managing and tracking delivery. Thanks to its customized and user-friendly interface, SRMG was quickly adopted and is now used by the company for all deliveries made.
With the SRMG app, now drivers can easily update information in the delivery app regardless of their location and the receivers can easily oversee the status of their delivery.
The ultimate place for peace of mind: The SRMG staff doesn’t have to worry about data errors or data loss. All data is stored in the SRMG app and can be seamlessly integrated. The ability to plan routes directly from the backend makes scheduling drivers and deliveries easier.

Eventually, we have an all-in-one delivery platform ready that covers the solutions to all the users’ pain points, problems as well as expectations.

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