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Catering Secure, Operational and Firm Automotive Software Development Services

We provide an automotive app development solution for companies seeking to optimize their operations in order to attract more consumers and boost business growth.
Being a pioneer in offering superior automotive software development services, our automotive software and mobile app development enables automakers to provide consumers with valuable and unique benefits across different platforms.
Shift up the gear and drive a smooth ride into the future.

Draw Captivating Opportunities In Automotive Industries Through Software Development

Draw Captivating Opportunities In Automotive Industries Through Software Development

Know how an Automotive Software can optimally level your business up?

Automotive Applications

  • Taxi Booking App

    Book the next cab with ease!

    Want to launch your own taxi app? Look no further than CodeEpsilon.

    We design, develop, and deploy taxi booking app solutions for Android and iOS platforms. We have rich expertise and vast experience in developing feature-rich, and highly innovative taxi-booking apps.

    We have a dedicated team of taxi app developers who make sure to layout a spotless plan for your business and focus on delivering superior outputs. From idea to implementation to launch, we analyze your requirements closely and offer you a comprehensive and customized solution.

    Book the next cab with ease!
  • Smart Bike App

    Slay away your ride of confidence!

    Reliable, smart and rooted bike app with ample features.

    With our white label bike sharing app solution, you can provide your users with a simple and cost-effective commute experience.

    Our team of developers with extensive domain knowledge in on-demand app development, will assist you in launching your own bicycle sharing app by providing an end-to-end technological solution adapted to your business requirements.

    Slay away your ride of confidence!
  • Car Dealer

    Acquire the best Value!

    Administer & choose the dealership by yourself.

    Entire procedure of acquiring the right, rather the best value of your car, just got handy.

    Get the full details about vehicle run history, car condition, insurance, customers' word, from the mobile phone.

    CodeEpsilon works to bring upon this efficient mobile application which includes vehicular history, customer-dealer relationship, inventory management, and more.

    Acquire the best Value!

    Complete Set Of Automotive Software Development Services

    Connected & Internet Cars

    Our reliable connected car solutions with Remote diagnostics and maintenance, real-time road information, OTA updates, etc turn a car into a personal device and provide drivers a richer user experience with increased safety and security.

    EV Charging Software

    Our business analyst team, product engineers, and UX experts To support EV roaming infrastructure, CodeEpsilon provides end-to-end EV charging software solutions for car firms and charge station operators.


    CodeEpsilon has specialized in providing telematics solutions, supporting our customers with GPS positioning technologies, GSM, GPRS, Voice, and Satellite enable communications between any mobile asset regardless of location.

    Smart Bikes

    End-to-end smart bike app solutions enabling SMEs and Startups to give their commuters with a comfortable and cost-effective commuting experience.

    Navigation & Mapping

    With our car navigation software development services, we assist automakers reduce deployment time and improve the accuracy of their positioning algorithms.

    Autonomous & ADAS

    We draw on years of experience in developing ADAS software. Our ADAS software will gather data from the map, GPS, sensors of other vehicles ahead, and the cloud to ensure a quick response to the environment and the safest end-to-end solution.


    CodeEpsilon handles all areas of HMI development, including hardware and software, graphical user interfaces, and web and cloud infrastructure, all of which contribute to a smooth user experience and high system operability.


    Providing protection is the fundamental necessity for a persistent quality and detection of flawed links. Our team of developers ensure to safeguard the mobile-vehicular cloud system from the risks & threats occurring externally or internally.

    Utilize Colossal Benefits Across Various Applications

    Code Epsilon extends the network of development services to curate innovatively over multiple platforms for the clients.

    Hire An Automotive Software Developer

    Apart from delivering end-to-end services, we offer the necessary solutions required in software development for the Automotive industry.
    Hop on in bus with us to take your company to greater heights of success!

    Automotive Workshop Management Software

    Irrespective of the size, our extensible solutions redefine your business company on to the higher path. Building strategic methods to meet the services & maintenance workshop for the current as well as the future requirements. Helping the customer to foster better connection to your workshop by delivering real-time data through the mobile app at any given time of day.
    Consult our experts and find out how the solutions fit in perfectly for your enterprise.
    With the collective effort of the team, we curate an innate interface for the user making it 100% efficient and simple for multiple usages – run operations, CRM & numeral data flow, progress of automation and more. Giving our developers a liberty to place solutions which can control all attributes of automotive inventory collectively.
    Reach out to us to discuss your business project requirements.

    Automotive Inventory Management Software

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