What is IaaS cloud computing?

  • By CodeEpsilon
  • December 15, 2021
IaaS cloud computing

What is IaaS Cloud Computing?

Traditionally E-Commerce businesses used to buy physical hardware and software, like routers, hardware, servers, various wires, and lots of different things. Then they will assemble and integrate these things with the help of a developer. This scenario has fully changed due to IaaS cloud computing. How?

Because now all of these hardware and software are available on IaaS cloud computing. IaaS stands for infrastructure as a service. It offers infrastructure services like servers, storage, and networking. All of these services are basic infrastructure essentials to run an e-commerce platform. In short, all the infrastructure services of the e-commerce platform are managed on the cloud by the host is called IaaS cloud computing. IaaS is one of the three main categories in cloud computing models along with SaaS and PaaS.

This model is very beneficial because now you don’t have to buy on-premise infrastructures like routers, hardware, servers, networking resources. All of this infrastructure is managed online on a cloud computing service. Nowadays people are diversifying their E-Commerce business to cloud computing. Because investing in basic infrastructure seems very costly because you have to build physical hardware servers to maintain the E-Commerce website and make sure that everything is running up-to-date. All of these activities are managed on IaaS cloud computing.

Advantages of IaaS

Reduction in capital infrastructure

This eliminated the cost of buying and maintaining physical software and hardware as all of this is available on the cloud. This also allows the IT team to focus on core business. This also results in a reduction of capital expenditure on-premise hardware and software.

Increases stability, reliability, and supportability

With IaaS, all the software updates, bug fixes, issues in the application are taken care of by the hosting provider. Due to enforcement of the contract, the host assures that the infrastructure is supportable and reliable to meet the terms of the contract.

Increases resources 

IaaS helps you in scaling the resources around the globe. This results in benefiting the IT team in getting resources around the globe. There is a variety of IaaS software available with different functionalities you can choose accordingly.

Improves business continuity

Achieving higher availability, continuity, and disaster recovery are the huge losses that companies have to endure because of unfortunate events. It takes great time, human resources, and technology to recover all of these losses. You don’t have to worry about this because your whole infrastructure is managed on cloud computing.

Use of IaaS

IaaS is the fastest and least expensive method of diversifying your business to the cloud. IaaS offers infrastructure software that can run your business on the cloud. Your team of developers can quickly dismantle and test the environment, this leads to bringing new applications faster.

Certain functionalities require High-Performance Computing (HPC), like scientific computation, financial modeling, banking. This HPC is available on IaaS. IaaS also offers to compute big data analytics and data warehousing. By adapting IaaS you eliminate the cost of storage, back up and recovery of data. IaaS also deals with legal compliance related to the storage of data. IaaS supports infrastructure like storing of data, network and server management of web applications also.

AWS offers storage facilities in the name of simple storage service(S3) and glacier, commute services in the name of elastic compute cloud(EC2). Google offers services of storage and commute services in the name of the Google compute Engine(GCE). Microsoft offers services in the name of azure. These are some of the basic tools offered by them. There are many advanced tools like AWS Lambada, Google Cloud functions, big data commute environments, and many advanced tools. There are several other companies that offer specific services like IBM Cloud Private, CenturyLink Cloud, DigitalOcean Droplets, Alibaba elastic commute services, Alibaba elastic GPU service.  

Here at CodeEpsilon, we work upon all of this software. We are offering excellent services in the IaaS cloud computing model. We have successfully completed many projects on this model. Check out our portfolio. Let’s grow your E-Commerce platform together with unique features and an experienced team of developers. Contact Us.

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