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Accelerate business transformation with off-the-shelf and Customer Cloud Applications deployed on scalable, secure, and flexible Cloud Infrastructure.

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Cloud Enablement is an Infrastructure transformation process wherein Enterprises or Companies or Individuals deploy their infrastructure and IT resources on the Cloud OR migrate an existing on-premise environment to Cloud – partially or fully. In either case the process involves understanding & assessing the infrastructure & software requirements, Cost Analysis, Strategy and Planning, Creating and Deploy the desired Infrastructure and finally setup a monitoring process.
We at CodeEpsilon understand that business is ever evolving and expanding and so does their Infrastructure needs thus putting CLOUD at the forefront of your business success strategy. We provide specialized team of Cloud Engineers helping Businesses adapt Cloud and leverage Cloud Services to enhance performance of business apps at the same time optimize costs at reduced efforts using automation.

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Cloud Enablement Services

Cloud Assessment And Planning

It is the process wherein CodeEpsilon helps you plan your Cloud Infrastructure based on your IT Infrastructure, Software, Security, Performance and other key requirements like backups, failsafe recovery etc. Also, our Cloud Engineers conduct Cost Assessment and prepare a plan of migrating your present Infrastructure and software to the Cloud Platform.

Cloud Migration

This is the process where the Planning and Strategy are put to use by team at CodeEpsilon. Cloud Migration is when the actual movement or setup of the cloud infrastructure is done. It is when the Infrastructure Business Apps, data and other Business Digital assets are moved into Cloud, partially or fully as per defined migration plan.

Cloud Deployment & Integration

CodeEpsilon provides Cloud Deployment Services for all types of Cloud – Private, Public and Hybrid. We also provide Cloud Integration Services for various service models namely SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. We provide seamless deployment and integration services creating Cloud Environment for your modern Business needs.

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What all we can do for you!

Cloud Transformation Services For Operational Efficiency

Cloud Enablement Preparation
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Cloud Preparation measures your Business, Digital Assets, Infrastructure and team’s readiness for a Cloud Transformation. CodeEpsilon helps you prepare for the big transition and addresses any sort of pre-concerns related to Security, Backups or Availability.
Cloud Enablement Estimation
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Cloud Transformation Costs apart from Infrastructure also involves costs related to transition efforts, training of existing staff, software and recurring service usage costs. CodeEpsilon enables you estimate the overall cost of Cloud Transition and map it to present on-premise setup. This mapping helps you evaluate the ROI of your investment on Cloud Enablement and make conscious decision.
Cloud Deployment And Life Cycle Management
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During Cloud Transformation Business Apps are deployed on Cloud along with their data. Over a period of time, new Business Apps are deployed on the Cloud. Post cloud Setup, CodeEpsilon provides support for the ongoing operations, new deployments, migrations or trouble shooting of any problem.
Cloud Re-Calibration
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CodeEpsilon assists you in re-calibration of any updates or changes that are part of any infrastructure setup. Re-calibration includes OS upgrades, Business App Upgrades, minor changes to app code for cloud transition.
Cloud Backup And Disaster Recovery
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Cloud offers seamless backups and disaster recovery options and configurations. These are very important to keep the business running in case of any un-due event. CodeEpsilon helps you maintain and restore backups as and when needed.
Cloud Monitoring
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Monitoring needs for Clouse Apps is same as On-Premise Apps. The apps are required to be monitored for Performance, Memory, Storage, CPU, Security, Database, Network or backups. CodeEpsilon helps you monitor various parameters, set up notifications which are raised in case of any KPI mismatch enabling you take actions at the right time.
Cloud Cost Optimization
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We help you understand the cost structure of Cloud Infrastructure and optimize it for extracting best ROI. We help you identify unused resources and remove them, configure auto shut-downs for reducing unnecessary cost due to idle service or unused resource.

Why Should You Go For Cloud Enablement?

Cloud Enablement provided many benefits over on-premise setup. Couple of them are

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Why Cloud Enablement With CodeEpsilon?

Improved accessibility, reliable costs, scalability, and quick innovation are just a few of the many promising benefits that cloud enablement offers enterprises.
Our cloud computing services provide an on-demand, highly scalable, compute storage and network infrastructure which allows us to spin up an environment in minutes – demonstrating agility in a way never seen before. Whether you are considering a cloud-first approach or a hybrid setup, our cloud services have you covered. Our DevOps and Cloud Enablement solutions help overcome the challenges of application and system migration to the cloud.
Our simplified approach, combined with proven processes and experience, helps us deliver innovative applications that result in

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