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Top 10 best E-Commerce platforms for startups

E-Commerce platforms are the perfect solution for small business owners to set up their online stores. An online E-Commerce platform increases your business reach beyond your offline geo-location. Provides your loyal customers with a convenient shopping experience from the comfort of their homes and promotes global exposure for your store.

Developing an E-Commerce website might be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. Fortunately, there are plenty of platforms that will ease this pain and make it quick and easy to manage your online store. These are the top 10 E-Commerce platforms that will make your business of running an online store much easier.

Here is a list of the top E-Commerce platforms:


The Open-source E-Commerce platform WooCommerce is built on the WordPress platform. It is primarily used as a plugin for WordPress sites. You can add functionality to your WordPress website using Woocommerce. Get a quote if you do not have a word press site. Our team of developers has experience with both web and app development.

WooCommerce provides many useful features such as customer engagement, order tracking, delivery status updates, inventory management, and many other add-ons. The most significant advantage of WooCommerce is that it allows for endless customization. The plugin is also free to use and offers hundreds of themes. A small transaction fee is charged by the Woocommerce plugin for each sale. You also have to pay a small monthly fee for a web hosting domain name. The plugin offers a secure payment gateway. Third-party getaways are also available, like Square, Stripe, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.


Shopify is by far the most popular E-Commerce platform. Shopify is a favorite among start-ups and small businesses. Its ease of use makes it a favorite among users. Adding the basic details of your business is the only thing you need to get started with E-Commerce, and your store is online in just a few hours.

Shopify is like an essential tool for E-Commerce stores in a box. Shopify is a website builder in the form of SaaS ( Software as a Service ). Shopify stores are not free but the add-on features are worth buying. Shopify stores offer a 14-day free trial and after that, the cheapest ShopifyLite subscription is available for $9 a month and the basic charge starts from $29. Shopify’s different paid plan includes a lot of marketing tools that will help you optimize your website and give you scalable results. Shopify also has a mobile app that will benefit in managing your E-Commerce website with just your palms.


Prestashop is the simplest platform to use for your online E-Commerce store. Prestashop does not require a lot more things to know about website development and integrations. Prestashop is a great option for a layman. Prestashop is based in Paris, France.

Prestashop is a free-to-use platform. Prestashop has partnered with big brands like Google, eBay, PayPal, etc. You have to pay for hosting and for using advanced features like product navigation, running stock, legal, running taxes, and many more useful features. You can easily translate your website and it accepts multiple currencies for getting global reach.


If you are planning for a successful marketplace app then you must need to focus on covering a big audience. This means your application should be available across all the platforms. Advertise your application on all social media platforms. Before all of these marketing efforts make sure your application is scalable and the servers can handle the audience.

This is why cross-platform tools like Flutter are helpful in marketplace development. If you are not sure about the platform you have to choose you can launch your application on both platforms. Measure the exposure you are getting and then decide which platform you should choose.


Nopcommerce is one of the most effective platforms for small businesses. The platform is free-to-use software. It is an open-source E-Commerce platform. Nopcommerce offers functionalities like inventory management, SEO tools, unlimited products, and shipping options. All of these functionalities are available for free. Nopcommerce is a top choice platform for small businesses.


Magento is a powerful solution for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. While E-Commerce is just one part of its offerings it also provides large enterprises with big business solutions. If you have already started your E-Commerce business and you are looking to expand your business, Magento is the best option available for you.

The features of Magento include pre-made templates, shipping options, payment integration, and many others. In addition to Magento’s E-Commerce features, it also offers a business suite. Which includes features like business intelligence, business support, and sales enablement tools. Magento is free-to-use software for using basic features. If you want to use the advanced features of the business suite it is a lot more expensive and the prices vary according to the features you opt for.


First, Weebly was launched as a website builder in 2006, and in 2018 Weebly was acquired by Square, a payment processor. After that, Weebly turned into an e-commerce platform. Weebly allows small stores to quickly develop an online store. Weebly has hundreds of professional store-ready-made templates to choose from. Weebly also offers fully integrated shopping cart options also.

Weebly is not available to free of charge. The cheapest plan is available for $9 per month which offers a customized shopping cart with accepting payments through Square. In business plan for $16 per month includes the functionality of coupon codes and payment gateways of third-party providers. The user interface is seamless and easy to use the software. You don’t need to know the technical know-how for starting your online store.


Like Weebly, Wix was also first launched as a website builder. However, it has the option to attach an online store for your website. You can choose from hundreds of professional theme templates, brand your e-commerce store, add unlimited products, accept secure payment gateways, and manage end-to-end fulfillments. In Wix, you can also sell subscriptions and digital tools like antivirus software and all.

The cheapest Wix plan starts at $30 per month. Wix offers advanced marketing tools to optimize your website and to get reach your target audience. Wix also offers features like email marketing, live chat, chatbots, and some basic CRM functionalities.


Squarespace is another website built with an option to attach an online store to your website. Squarespace has hundreds of beautiful customized templates to choose from. Squarespace is best for beauty and cosmetics products. Squarespace has the simplest way to add products to your online store.

Squarespace was developed for simplicity. Visitors can simply go through your products, add products to their cart, and checkout with secure payment options. The best part of Squarespace is you can set up your online store in no time by just dragging and dropping your elements. The pricing of Squarespace is $26 per month and an additional 3% commission on transactional fees.


Opencart lets you start your e-commerce store with key integrations, tools, and features. Opencart is a free-to-use platform. Opencart has features like integration of secure payment gateways and adding professional templates, small business owners can also optimize their website for search engine optimizations, manage customer data online, and also apply coupon codes for increasing their sales. Opencart is free-to-use software.


These are the list of the best e-commerce platforms to choose from. All of these platforms are the cheapest and best in class with easy-to-use interfaces and a plethora of themes to choose from. The choice of platforms solely depends upon the products and how many functionalities you want in your online store. Some of the platforms which we have not listed above are BigCartelBranchBobTilda, and Mozello. These platforms are dedicated to artists and creators selling their creative products on these platforms.

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