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What are the benefits and essential features of a travel app?


Benefits of travel app
The most important features of a travel app

In general, there is always a need for change and in the travel business, people are always impressed by the change. In the current scenario developing a travel app is a need of the market. Nowadays People are more comfortable using an app rather than going traditional in the physical market. According to a report by Travelport Digital, 80% of people research online before going for a trip. So as we can see it is a growing market and there are fewer players in the market so it is the perfect time for developing a travel app.

If you are thinking big and you don’t know what to optimize while thinking we have this blog to guide you on what really needed in the apps. Let’s start with the benefits of a travel app.

Benefits of travel app

  • Accessibility : Mobile apps are accessible at any time and in any location. With the physical coming to the agencies, users can have the accessibility of information from their comfort of home only. If you see it from a business perspective many things can be automated like booking, billing, invoicing, etc. This can save time and effort.
  • Maintenance : Mobile apps make many things maintain digitally. You can easily convert users to your potential customers by easily knowing the interests of the users and the right marketing will easily convert your users into potential buyers.
  • One-stop solution : This is the main USP behind travel apps. Apps make it easier to plan trips and everything is available on your palms. Your users can book tickets, research places, book hotels, sightseeing and you can also do travel shopping in the app.
  • Convenient marketing tool : Apps are the perfect tool for marketing. Due to advancements in technology, it is possible to address the exact targeted audience. Mobile apps keep your users engaged and your agency is accessible in their palms only. Apps are places where users interact with your agency. You just need to integrate social media into your application and all the information about your users’ interests is available through the app.
  • Brand recognition : By developing an app you give your users convenience of accessibility of information regardless of the time and locality you are in. This creates brand recognition.

These are all the benefits of developing a travel app. By the time you might have had the idea that travel apps are beneficial and it is the perfect time for the introduction of a travel app. Let’s dig deeper into the most important features of a travel app.

The most important features of a travel app


  • Google Maps SDK
  • Google places
  • Facebook places

These tools give enormous access to databases and services and sightseeing.

Booking services

This feature is the soul of your application. Users expect to book tickets, hotels, and sightseeing tours from an app. Don’t forget the transportation of the trips. Cab booking is an essential part of your application. The cab booking feature is an innovative way to interact with your users whether you need a cab to pick you up from hotels or a cab for a sightseeing tour. Cab booking features are an essential part of the app.

By doing this your app becomes a one-stop solution for a traveler’s needs.

Travel planner

If you are planning to develop a travel app then do it in the right way! Having a travel planner is an essential tool for users. Users can see the whole trip from ticket booking to places to visit for sightseeing all the things are scheduled in the app. This feature serves as a pocket-friendly guide for your users.

Review and recommendation

Every purchaser on the internet first checks out reviews and recommendations of past users. This feature is a great foundation for your app. This creates loyalty and shows that you care for your users. And also genuine customer feedback helps you in the improvement of your application.

Weather forecasting

Weather is the most vulnerable thing and your users are eager to know the weather conditions of the places they are going to visit. The real-time weather forecast will lead your users to plan the trip accordingly. By integrating this feature in your app users do not have to switch to different apps for checking the weather forecast.

Currency converter

This can be an innovative feature in your app from the user’s point of view. When traveling to a different country currency conversion is the most essential and important thing. By integrating currency converters in your app every aspect of the user’s trip is connected to your app.


In the past people used to carry vocabularies and phrasebooks when people used to travel. While traveling to a different country we don’t know their language and it is very difficult to interact with the local people if you don’t know their native language. Translation features can be helpful in this situation.

Payment gateway

Allowing a user to make payments in your application is an essential feature in your application.  By doing this you can integrate fast and secured payments like PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and Apple pay into your application. This will reduce the number of transactions and people can easily transfer funds in their native currency.

Developing an application is a complex and time-consuming process there are various things you need to take care of. Stay tuned this blog does not end here. There is the second part of this blog in which we will cover how the travel app works? And how you can monetize a travel app?


All of these are benefits and essential features to must-have in your application. By integrating these features into your app you are creating a one-stop solution for all your travel needs. These are all the essential features of your application. The UI/UX design of your application is also an essential part of the application. The design of your application should be engaging and with soothing colors, this will keep your users visiting cons

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