22 Nov
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Artificial Intelligence

Do you know AI Technology can Boost your eLearning System?

As we all know, a Global Pandemicis going on. Human beings prefer to stay indoors. This pandemic is more harmful to children and old age people. So children are compelled to complete their schooling at home only. Nowadays education services are diversifying their platform towards eLearning.


What is eLearning?

eLearning means a learning system that uses an electronic medium through the internet. The eLearning system is booming right now because of a global pandemic. The first e-learning platform was developed by Donald Bitzer in 1960, he was a laboratory assistant at the University of Illinois. The first eLearning system was known as “THE PLATO”. The first online university was Jones International University in 1999. Since then this system has been evolving day by day. In 2016 market revenue of e-learning platforms was $46.67 billion.


When I wanted to learn something outside of school as a kid, cracking open my World Book encyclopedia was the best I could do. Today, all you have to do is go online.

Bill gates

Nowadays e-learning systems are based on AI(artificial intelligence). But wait, what is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the theory of a computer system that can perform tasks automatically without any human interference. AI is known as the future of technology. Industries are more focused on AI because it eases their work and fewer human resource is used. Google is using Neural Machining Technology for 30% of searches. Voice searches are available on almost all platforms and these searches are backed by AI.

How AI will back up various functionalities of E-learning applications?


One of the main objectives of E-Learning applications is accessibility. Through e-learning, the classroom is accessible around the clock. Because of AI, you can show learning modules according to their level of understanding. Because of AI, you can also suggest other additional modules, content, or write-ups according to their watch pattern.


One of the main things E-Learning applications are lacking is human watch on whether that user has understood that topic or not. Because of AI, this main problem can be solved “how?” Once a user has completed watching that module users have to complete some tasks as directed by the AI like asking questions, solving queries, performing several assignments, and many other tricky things related to that module.

Virtual assistance

As human beings are not available 24/7 but learning modules are available around the clock and on any day. There should be someone to solve users’ questions to cope with this problem. AI is going to be helpful how? By assisting users around the clock. AI can also be useful for providing learning guidance to users.

Assessment and Grading

AI is also going to be helpful for teachers also “how?” In AI teachers have to feed information on grading and assessment into that AI and that AI will assign grades, check the content of the assessment and conclude accordingly.

Anti-cheating detection

For instance, AI can be useful for inspecting the idiosyncrasies and patterns of the users and then coming to the conclusion that the user has copied that content or written it by himself. Thereby detecting cheating if done by the user.


eLearning means there will be lots of online materials like modules, PDFs, infographics, and so on. Usually, these materials are not structured properly and it’s a challenge for teachers and administrations to represent them accurately. All of this structuring of data can be performed easily with the help of AI.

All of these functionalities are possible only if the information is fed correctly and accurately in AI. We at CodeEpsilon are experts in the AI field and are known as the pioneers of AI systems. We have completed many projects on different AI functionalities. If you want to have these many functionalities in your E-learning application then Contact us.

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