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How to build marketplace app from scratch

Mobile app development is trending and constantly evolving. Marketplace applications are trending right now due to the introduction of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The main benefit of developing marketplace apps is profit as you can see tech giant industries like Amazon, Aliexpress, and Airbnb, have at least one marketplace app and those apps are gaining massive profits. Marketplace apps are beneficial for both marketplace creators and marketplace sellers.

Reference from statista

The sales made through mobile applications are estimated to reach $431.4 billion and this number is going to grow at 10x speed in the near future.

Developing a market app is a complex and time-consuming thing but the results you get are with complexity and patience. For developing a marketplace there are certain things you need to consider while developing. Here are the 8 must things you should consider while developing a marketplace app.

8 must things to consider while developing a marketplace app

Define proper marketplace type and define the monetization model

The first thing to consider is what type of marketplace app you want to develop. There are numerous different types of marketplace models available with distinguishing monetization models. We have sorted out these types in common scenarios they are as follows:

  • By audience type:
  1. Peer-to-peer: This type of marketplace is for specific products.
  2. Business to consumers: This type of marketplace retail sellers sell to customers.
  3. Business to business: In this type of marketplace the interchangeability of goods between the business owners.
  • By merchandise
  1. Goods marketplace: In this marketplace, only goods are sold.
  2. Services marketplace: In this marketplace, customers are looking for services.
  3. Hybrid marketplace: In this marketplace variety of goods and services are available for sale.
  • The monetization model should also be decided in advance as this decision affects the functionality and features of the app. Here are some common ways of monetization model
    1. Commission-based
    2. Subscription-based
    3. Listing promotion basis
    You can also sell ads on your app for making money out of your app.

Define key features for sellers

Developing apps for marketplaces need to accommodate both sellers and buyers that will use your apps. So for that, you need to decide what key features you are going to offer for both different types of categories. Let’s start with the sellers. Here are some useful features you need to keep in your marketplace app:

  1. Stock and order management
  2. Build-in support chat system
  3. Transaction control
  4. An easy way for offers, promotions, and discounts
  5. Connection to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Have a great UI/UX design

You have defined your marketplace and how it will work. Now is the time for the development of the marketplace app. The first part of development is to design a great UI/UX design on the basis of the targeted audience, locality, goals, and features you have examined. The UI/UX design should be simple and easy to understand.

In most scenarios, it is beneficial to introduce an MVP application however the UI/UX design of the application should be effective. Having a great UI/UX design will gain more customer feedback and attract more users. The UI/UX design should be attractive and easy to understand by a layman.

Choose the right tools for app development

The second most important thing in the app development process is choosing the right tools for app development. Nowadays there are dozens of different tools available with distinctive features and uses. This situation makes it hard to decide which tool we should prefer. To clutter out this situation here are some of the tools you can choose are best:

  1. Flutter for cross-platform development
  2. .net or next js for web app development
  3. Postgre.SQL, MongoDB, or odoo for database

Choosing an MVP market model is also beneficial for detecting bugs and flaws in your application.

Expand your reach

If you are planning for a successful marketplace app then you must need to focus on covering a big audience. This means your application should be available across all the platforms. Advertise your application on all social media platforms. Before all of these marketing efforts make sure your application is scalable and the servers can handle the audience.

This is why cross-platform tools like Flutter are helpful in marketplace development. If you are not sure about the platform you have to choose you can launch your application on both platforms. Measure the exposure you are getting and then decide which platform you should choose.

Proper maintenance and support

The app development journey does not end when you launch the app. Launching of app live in the market is just the first step in the app development journey. The second most important thing in the successful app development journey is application maintenance and support. This also includes an analysis of customers’ likings and dislikes which features are useful and what needs to be upgraded. Other things you need to take care of are our 24/7 customer support.


The demand for marketplace apps is rising. These apps are beneficial for all. These apps are win-win apps. With benefits comes competition it is a very competitive market. For surviving in this market you need to introduce a quality product that solves certain needs of your targeted audience. Overall if you follow these 8 steps for app development you have better chances of success. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and upgrade your application when needed moreover listen to customers’ needs.

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