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Best application features your E-Commerce app should have

Are you planning to develop an application for your E-Commerce? If not then what are you waiting for? E-Commerce apps are trending right now and it is the right time to take a deep dive into this market. According to statista.com the market revenue for E-Commerce apps is expected to reach $2,772,539 million by the end of 2022.

In this blog, we will discuss the best features that you should include in your mobile application to keep you ahead of the market. Starting from the development you should choose the best app development company for your application. The main success of your application depends upon choosing the right app development company. Take a look at our portfolio to have an idea about our expertise in E-Commerce app development

List of best features to include in your E-Commerce application:

Easy registration process

The first thing to consider is what type of marketplace app you want to develop. There are numerous different types of marketplace models available with distinguishing monetization models. We have sorted out these types in common scenarios they are as follows:

The registration process for your application should be quick and easy. You might lose many customers if the registration process is monotonous and lengthy because the more you want to know about your customer the less insecure they feel. You can provide an option for direct login from Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Remember one thing: some users feel insecure about sharing their social media accounts so it is good to have an alternative to register with their email.

The registration process should only include basic details like name, email address, and just personal password. Having an easy registration process makes your application accessible to users and it also increases customer satisfaction because they don’t have to go through the lengthy process of registration to access your application.

Push notification

As the users register to your application ask permission for push notification. Notification plays a very vital role in keeping your users engaged with your application. Push notifications act as a constant reminder of your application. The push notifications can be about offers, alerts, new launches, discounts, and delivery updates. After a push notification check users are likely to check your application.

Push notifications are the best way to increase conversions and drive more revenue from your application. Push notification helps in the overall customer experience. It serves as a constant reminder about your application and users are likely to visit your application constantly with the feature of push notification.

Secure payment options

Your E-Commerce application should have multiple payment options. Users prefer payment options that they are familiar with because it contains the bank and personal details of the users. In western countries, users are familiar with payment options like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Amazon Pay, debit and credit cards, and more. In Asian countries, people prefer a cash-on-delivery payment option.

The payment options that are available should be secure because the main thing users are worried about is their security and users are more concerned about the delivery of their order if they have paid in advance so your application should have secure payment options.

Product information

The product gallery of your application should be well-categorized according to the product. Your application should contain features of product sorting filters according to size, color, brand, product type, price range, discounts, and other filters. The product page should contain full information about the details of the product and other necessary information like shipping and payment options.

Mostly the final decision of buying the product depends upon the product gallery and reviews about the product. Some users also prefer traditional offline means of buying because they are not able to feel the product. You can ensure them by showing the product and different angles and mentioning the exact size and weight of the product. Detailed product information gives confidence about the choice of the product and increases customer satisfaction.

Augmented reality

As augmented reality is in one of the top 10 trending technologies in the app development field, it is very much beneficial to put features of augmented reality in your application. As mentioned earlier some users prefer traditional offline means of buying because they are not able to feel the product. Augmented reality features help in experiencing the product. With these features, users can test the product that how the product will look in a real context.

Sephora and IKEA have already introduced this feature in their application. This feature is a great way for customers to interact with the product experience the product looks and make the right choice in buying the product.

Shopping cart

Shopping cart features serve as an assistant in completing the user’s online purchase. A shopping cart is a must-have feature in your application. This feature is the second last step in buying the product. This feature helps the user in buying multiple products in one go. You can also add or delete products in your shopping cart.

A shopping cart also helps users in listing down the product and buy it according to user convenience. Thanks to these feature user can add, delete, review, or add extra items before making a final choice. You can also notify the users about the discounts and offers to go on in the cart items. This feature helps users in adding the product to their buying list and buy the product whenever the user is convenient.

Multiple shipping options

When the purchase is made it is important to deliver the product as soon as possible. Offering multiple shipping options will increase the converse ratio and reduce shopping cart abandonment. Sometimes customers are ready to pay more when they get a faster delivery option. Sometimes users compare the delivery options of different apps so it is beneficial to have the fastest delivery.

Delivery status tracking

Having this feature in your app will make users easier to track product delivery it increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. This type of transparency will increase the trust and loyalty of the users. This type of feature helps in estimating the exact date of delivery and users can also plan accordingly if there is a specific agenda behind the ordering of the product.

Return policy

You must have this feature in your E-Commerce app because many users don’t prefer to buy products if they don’t facilitate a return policy. Right now the apps provide a 30-day return policy. There is a possibility that your product may not satisfy the user’s expectations, so it is beneficial to provide a return policy for your product. Having an easy and clear return policy helps in increasing customer satisfaction and users are likely to buy again from your application.

Customer support 24/7

The E-commerce application experience differs greatly from the traditional offline store. Users cannot interact directly with the provider. You can provide services like chatting with chatbots, and email addresses, or contacting directly with the number. This feature helps in addressing the customers’ issues and solving the issues as soon as possible. This also increases customer engagement and it also increases customer satisfaction and loyalty towards your application. This also increases your credibility in the market.

The customer support service should be available 24/7 because you are running an online app store so you will get customers around the globe. The timing of all the countries is different so it is beneficial to have a customer support facility around the clock.


In this article, we have mentioned all the features that you must have in your E-Commerce app. All these features will help you grow tremendously and increase the user experience and loyalty towards your application. These features will also drive tremendous traffic and increase your sales. If you already have an idea in mind about your E-Commerce app development but don’t know where to start don’t worry we are here for you.

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