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Top 15 Media and Entertainment applications

List of top 15 apps of the media and entertainment industry. Which can keep you busy with never-ending content for hours and hours. Know the brief unique features of the best apps in the media and entertainment industry.


This platform tops the rank of media and entertainment applications in 2021. This platform offers lots of content of documentaries, series, movies, and standup comedies, with excellent quality and worth watching stories.

The problem with binge-watching on Netflix is that you lose three days of your life.

— Harland Williams.

Users love Netflix a lot because it’s super fast and contains no ads. You can also download the content for offline watch. This year Netflix won 44 Emmys, beating popular entertainment apps like HBO+ and Lions Gate.

Netflix is also laying down its business in the gaming industry. Currently, there are 10 gaming apps on Netflix. There are 214 million subscribers across the world in 2021.

Unique feature: Perfectly developed AI (artificial intelligence) to track down the user’s watch patterns and suggest accordingly.

Download: Google Play store | Apple app store

Disney+ Hotstar

This application is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment and Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. Now the question you might have is that why subscribe to Hot Star when you already have Netflix and Amazon?

Hotstar offers exclusive content of Disney, Marvel, and HBO. Hot Star also offers live streaming of star shows, sports, and many entertainment shows.

Unique feature: Live streaming of sports and entertainment channels. The yearly subscription model.

Download: Google Play store | Apple app store

Tubi TV

Are you searching for a free alternative then Tubi TV is the best free alternative. This is the largest free content video library. No credit cards, and no subscription fees, as long as you are ready to watch some ads.

Tubi TV got 4.7 stars on Google Play Store and 4.6 stars on Apple App Store. Most users say Tubi TV has a very decent collection of content with an impressive selection of movies and TV shows to watch from.

Unique feature: Free streaming of movies and TV shows with high-quality resolution.

Download: Google Play store | Apple app store

Pluto TV

If you don’t mind watching ads in movies and TV shows, Pluto TV is best for you. This application has a good selection of movies and TV channels to watch for free.

There are 250+ virtual channels to choose from like NFL, Star TV, CBS News and many more channels to choose from. According to users this application works well on both Android and iOS, and is a great alternative for free content.

Unique features: 250+ virtual channels for live streaming. Free subscription model.

Download: Google Play store | Apple app store


Want to discuss series and movies or get connected to interesting people? Then this application is best for you. Download the clubhouse for meaningful discussions of movies and series with thousands of chatrooms to choose from.

You can join the discussion, listen to others’ views, create chat rooms, and do many more activities. Users claim to have done real meaningful conversations, make new connections, and friends, professional advice, and new knowledge, clubhouse even offers jobs, all of these features with the clubhouse application.

Unique feature: Create unique chat rooms. Make new connections according to your interests.

Download: Google Play store | Apple app store

Google Play game

This is a great entertainment app for gamers. It has thousands of games to choose from and many of them don’t require any installations. From action, adventure, casuals, and many other plethoras of games to choose from.

Google Play games have an account that saves your game story or scores into your account. All the history of your games is stored safely in your play games account. This application also manages all your gaming accounts in one place.

Unique feature: Game recording, managing multiple game accounts into one account.

Download: Google Play Store

Xbox game pass

This application is for those who consider gaming as a means of entertainment. With just $10 a month, you get access to a bunch of games offered by Xbox.

Users review this application as the best application for access to plenty of games to choose from and the best part is without having an Xbox you can have Xbox platform games for mobile phones.

Unique feature: The gameplay is awesome through the cloud. So you’ll enjoy your favorite games without buying a gaming console.

Download: Google Play store | Apple app store

HBO max

The list of best entertainment apps can go on and on and never end because there is so much to offer in the market. HBO Max is here because it contains quality content of 13000+ hours for binge-watching.

HBO Max has many exclusive movies, series, and channels to offer from. HBO Max has many exclusive reality shows which are exclusively available on HBO Max.

Unique features: Great parental control, set up your preference and content will get personalized accordingly.

Download: Google Play store | Apple app store


Don’t you just like watching endless short videos of dance trends, tricks, and many more fun videos on TikTok? Tiktok will soon surpass YouTube as the most popular platform. Already in the U.S. people are spending more time on TikTok than on YouTube.

TikTok is a great application for creating fun-loving videos also with great editing features to choose from. Users love spending time on TikTok. According to a study U.S. users spend 60 minutes on TikTok every day.

Unique features: Creation of funny videos with great animation. Great suggesting pattern according to the watching history.

Download: Google Play store | Apple app store


You surely know the name IMDB if you are a big movie freak. IMDB is a rating platform for movies and TV shows. The rating of IMDB is considered ideal for critics. Many users have a habit of watching movies according to IMDB ratings.

This application is helpful for getting recommendations and watching trailers of upcoming movies and web series. Inside the app, you get the latest news from the media and entertainment industry.

Unique features: Up-to-date movie recommendations. News of media and entertainment industry.

Download: Google Play store | Apple app store

Good reads

If you consider reading books as a means of entertainment then this application is best for you. This application offers millions of books across the globe with a great recommendation system, and many community features.

Goods Reads is known as the search engine for books where you can get your queries solved and connect with like-minded people. This application has a great rating on both platforms.

Unique features: Connect with like-minded people, community forming features.

Download: Google Play store | Apple app store

Google play books

For reading fans google play books come next with millions of books to choose from. This application has perfectly balanced books according to their genre. You can get recommendations of amazing books according to your reading history.

The books are nicely categorized according to the genre, ratings, and other filters. You can also create a personalized library in your app.

Google Play Books is one of the oldest applications in the media and entertainment industry. It has completed its 10-year mark recently. This application is evolving day by day and is updated with innovative features.

Unique features: Syncing of your Google account with Google Play books. You can create your own personalized library and store books that you have purchased.

Download: Google Play store | Apple app store


Do you like audiobooks? Audible is the best application for getting your best book audio. It has more than 200,00 titles, best sellers, classics, and new releases. They also offer podcasts, original content, sleep tracks, meditation programs, and more. Navigation for books according to different genres is simple and easy to understand.

The subscription fee is $7.95 per month however there are 30 days of free trial to offer. You want to get disappointed that this application has plenty of entertainment for audio book lovers.

Unique features: Great collection of audio books. Audible can be connected to your kindle account.

Download: Google Play store | Apple app store


“Iffunny’s users are 146% happier than koalas”. This is how the creators of the ifunny app describe their application. They are absolutely correct this is the best app for funny memes, videos, and gifs.

You can also share, like, and comment on memes, videos, and gifs.

Unique features: This entertainment application is more like social media application that offers similar features of liking, commenting, and sharing.

Download: Google Play store | Apple app store


All of these applications are best with content to keep kill your time and keep you busy for hours from Netflix to ifunny. These are all the best applications for the media and entertainment industry. All of these applications have unique features to offer.

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