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What is Application Maintenance?

Imagine the situation, a few weeks ago you download an application that delivers all your grocery needs without leaving your house. You used it many times and everything was running great. They have delivered you several orders successfully. Now one fine day you want to order groceries, so you access the app for that. You had added all your grocery listings everything is going great. Until now, you want to change the quantity of a specific product but unfortunately, that quantity is not changed. You reselect the product and select it again but everything is the same nothing works. But you don’t give up. You try to re-install the application but nothing works and you ordered the groceries from a different application.

This situation would not have occurred if the application owner has opted for application maintenance. Application once developed should never be left alone on its own. You had given all of your ideation into app development. Now if the user is not satisfied with your application user will get irritated and then look for a similar application. There are many ready alternative apps available in your niche and that’s it you had lost one potential customer. Application maintenance is after a journey of app development and it is very much important for your application. Android and iOS operating systems are evolving day by day. So your application should be compatible with the latest operating systems.

Is your application compatible with the latest operating system? If not then here is the solution:

The sales made through mobile applications are estimated to reach $431.4 billion and this number is going to grow at 10x speed in the near future.

Developing a market app is a complex and time-consuming thing but the results you get are with complexity and patience. For developing a marketplace there are certain things you need to consider while developing. Here are the 8 must things you should consider while developing a marketplace app.


What is application maintenance?

Application maintenance is the constant process of updating, modifying, and reassessing software for correcting faults, for better performance, updating the application with the latest operating system, bug fixing, and many more. As an agile app developer, we recommend an MVP( minimum viable product) model. In this model, the basic software is released in the market after the release. The necessary changes are made according to the customer’s feedback. The main advantage of this model is that the software is available faster in the market and application owners achieve their business goals more effectively.

Application development is a process of planning, creating, testing, and deploying information. This whole process is called the software development life cycle. Application maintenance is a part of the software development life cycle. Application maintenance is about improving and adjusting your digital product according to the market needs.

When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it’s wrong.

— Freeman Dyson

Application maintenance is all about implementing new features, correcting faults, modifying software files, enhancing performance, bug fixing, and caring about the health of the application. The main objective of maintenance is enhancing and diversifying rapidly toward customer satisfaction. Every competitive application or company needs it. As a renowned app developer, we come to the conclusion that “the needs of the customer are evolving day by day”. So to conquer these needs we need to make necessary changes to the application. For doing this we need application maintenance.

Difference between application support and application maintenance.

There is a difference in the support and maintenance of applications. What’s that? Application support providers mainly focus on bug fixing. What is bug fixing? A bug means a failure or a flaw in the software program. The process laid out to solve this failure or flaw is called bug fixing. Virtually it is rarely possible to prevent bugs entirely. Support providers aim to minimize the consequence of the bugs by taking corrective actions. This is included in the support services of the application.

Application maintenance is a bigger picture that focuses on application improvement. During this stage app, developers focus on the future success of the application. This objective can be achieved by proper research of the user experience, launching and implementing new features, UX improvement, and the introduction of innovative services. Application maintenance keeps you up-to-date in the market.


Application maintenance is an essential element of the software development life cycle. Application maintenance is all about improving the application according to market needs. Unfortunately, many owners neglect these services for cost reduction. Application maintenance is beneficial in the long run. It will be a very tough situation if you don’t evolve your application according to market trends. To keep your application up-to-date we recommend application maintenance.

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