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8 Essential features of Media and Entertainment website and application.

The days have now gone when you used to have your morning tea/coffee with reading a newspaper. Now the reading of newspapers has been taken away by reading news on a mobile application. Research by the IPSOS MORI report shows that users spent 31 minutes each day on news applications. New OTT platforms are coming day by day. So it’s evident that you must diversify your business towards the website and mobile application.

Speed is essential in the media and entertainment industry because it takes no time to fade away new faces, entertainment shows, quizzes, reality shows, and sitcoms. Everything is changing so rapidly that there doesn’t exist a day when a new show, or event, has not launched. Because of the existence of mobile applications, you can stream down your favorite shows on the go right into your palms. So it’s very essential to have an application and website with up-to-date features.

The entertainment is in the presentation.

— John MC Tiernan

What are the essential features of media and entertainment websites and applications?

Social media presence

Having a social media presence for your media and entertainment is essential to drive traffic to your application and website. Driving traffic through social media needs a perfect strategy for the targeted audience. Social media presence not only increases traffic it is also advantageous for brand recognition and for boosting conversions also. Social media presence also increases your position in the market.

Social media has its algorithms so it also influences your targeted audience according to their habits and behavior. Social media presence also offers opportunities for running ads, showcasing your brand, specials, events, storytelling, and many other different things. This also gives an opportunity of generating revenue in running all of these things. Your content on social media should run parallel according to the current trends in the market.

Application and website should be optimized for search engines

The main objective of the optimization is ranking your website in search engines. It is essential to optimize your content according to the search engine rankings. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to drive organic traffic to your website and application. The content of your website should be according to keywords that drive your traffic. Making your website optimized means laying out plans, strategies, practices, and features according to the latest trends and keywords.

Make your website and application mobile-first

First of all, what does mobile-first mean? The answer to your question is to make your website mobile-friendly and faster responsive. According to new SEO updates, the mobile first is one of the factors in Google ranking. Being mobile-first also enhances your user experience. Recent studies show that people don’t wait for 6-7 seconds for the loading of the website. Slow loading of your website also increases your bounce rate. Making your website and application mobile-first also increases the spending time a user on your website and application.

Create engaging content

One of the main objectives of the media and entertainment industry is to attract customers that are loyal and maintain long-term relationships. By creating engaging content you can achieve this objective. Creating engaging content also increases customer loyalty and eventually leads to brand recognition. This also leads to lower acquisition costs and also lessens your marketing cost. But the question is what are the features of engaging content? The answer has been elaborated in the example given below:

For example, your website and application will recommend shows according to the user’s watch history. Show news according to user preference niches. You can also run email marketing by mailing the shows that they have left in the middle. You can also provide options for notifying them about the new episodes of the current show that they are watching.

By creating engaging content you create a long-term digital relationship with your customers.

Prioritize video marketing

Creating video content leads you to convey more information to the audience in lesser time. Creating video content is also beneficial for conveying more information with different infographics, doodles, and illustrations, to the audience. Studies show that videos are more engaging than images because users have to read and understand the image. You can also upload the video content on social media platforms.

Customizable home screen

As media and entertainment is a very vast field there are numerous topics and types in media and entertainment. The end meaning of the website and application is the user. So the home screen should show recommendations and news relating to the user preference. This also creates a habit of users that the user will daily visit for watching the latest episode and latest news of their preference. 

The application and website should be stylish

Glamor and fashion is the most elegant part of the media and entertainment industry. The application should be developed according to the latest style and trends in the market. The aesthetics of your application should represent your brand and it should convey a message to your user. The navigation of your application should be simple and easy to understand. The content should be bifurcated according to the niche in the navigation.

For example, Netflix has created an application fully black and red which represents its logo. On every episode you are watching on Netflix there first comes the logo of Netflix and its animated breath zoom-in manner. 

Live to stream

There are events that should be covered live. Your application should contain the feature of live streaming of sports, events, and shows. You can also notify the live-streaming users and give them an option of recording that sport, event and show for later watching.


These are all the essential features of media and entertainment websites and applications. All features are customizable and can be featured accordingly. These features are essential for surviving in this rapidly changing media and entertainment industry.

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