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How much does it cost to build an eCommerce app like Amazon?

If you are fascinated by an eCommerce app like Amazon, then this blog is for you. In recent years we can see that e-commerce apps like Amazon have replaced the physical market. People are more influenced by online purchasing and selling. Apps like Amazon keep users engaged and it is a very profitable market. The net revenue amounted to $280.5 billion in 2019. Amazon has just not emerged as a tech giant but it is a leading company in e-commerce selling. In this blog, we will talk about what is the cost of developing an Amazon-like app.

Let’s look at the key statistics of an eCommerce app.

  • According to a survey, US customers are more reliant on online shopping. It is projected that 95% of the shopping will be done online by 2040, but thanks to COVID-19, this projected percentage might be early now.
  • According to a survey report, 68% of women consider product reviews before purchasing any item and 56% will look at social media for product advice.
  • According to a survey, 48% of the users overspent or else bought things that are not needed.

To wrap up these statistics it is worth mentioning that the internet has drastically changed the way people used to shop and technology is evolving day by day. With the introduction of the metaverse, in the near future, it will be possible to make trials and compare different items from the comfort of your home only.

So the key statistics show that it is profitable to invest in an app like Amazon. Let’s dig deeper into the key aspects of developing an eCommerce app like Amazon.

The key aspects of developing an eCommerce app like Amazon.

Research and planning for app development

It is essential to have proper planning before app development otherwise it might create a lot of blunders if proper planning and research are not done. Here are a few aspects that will help you to consider:

  • The first step is an in-depth analysis of customer behavior and their requirements.
  • Analyze which type of products you are trying to sell and their demand in the market.
  • If you are planning to develop a multi-store with lots of products, it is essential to categorize them according to the product type.
  • Gather feedback from your targeted audience to avoid making changes frequently in your app.
  • Being a start-up we will advise you to keep the development cycle as short as possible.
  • A minimum viable product is the best approach you can select.
  • Determine which technologies you need to integrate into your app?
  • Decide the budget of your app and the region in which you are going to launch your app.

If you choose the right app development company they will provide you with the latest technology stack and choosing the right mobile app development company is an essential part of the app development journey. On average, it takes 100 to 120 hours to develop an app like Amazon. The timing varies according to the complexity of your app.

Choosing the right operating system

The next step in the app development process is choosing the right operating system for your app development. The operating system depends upon which targeted audience you are selecting. It is best to select cross-platform app development because in this approach your application will be running smoothly across all platforms, so it is beneficial to select this approach. Here is the detailed comparison of cross-platform vs. native platforms.

If you are planning to develop an app like Amazon, it is beneficial that your application will be available across all platforms. So if you choose the native development approach then you need to develop two different apps for Android and iOS and the cost of development will be more than $50,000. However, if you choose the cross-platform approach then the cost will be less than $50,000 and you will get an app that will run smoothly across all the platforms.

Must-have Features in your app

The scope of the app is decided on the features and functionality the app is offering. Instead of developing an app with complex functionality that the users might feel difficult to use. It is advisable that you should have an easy and simple to use interface. So here is the list of must-have features in your app:

  • Simple registration with an option to log in with social accounts.
  • Alert notification
  • Search bars and accurate filters
  • Real-time order tracking and order history
  • Easy checkout
  • Category management
  • Offers and discounts
  • Feedback and 27/7 customer support

The list of features does not end here. There are many advanced features like augmented reality, chatbots, machine learning, virtual assistance, and many more features to add. If you find the development process crucial and complex it is better to consult an app development company.

UI/UX design of your app

The UI/UX design is the most important thing in the app development journey. The first thing that users interact with is the UI/UX design of your app. The UI/UX design of the app should be engaging and easy to use. Many developers make the design too complex to use and the users feel quite difficult to use so it is beneficial to soothing colors and an easy navigation system. Do you know easy and effective design is the USP of Amazon which keeps users engaged?
Here are the three major factors you need to keep in mind:

  • Prototype design of the app
  • App UI/UX design
  • Soothing colors and an easy to use interface

One should hire an app development company for getting the best output.

Cost to develop an app like Amazon

To tell you the truth there is no calculator to calculate the exact cost of development. The cost of app development varies according to your requirements and which are the technologies you need in your app. Here are the major aspects of app development

  • Hiring a project manager
  • App development company
  • UI/UX design
  • Front and back-end developers
  • QA analyst

However, if you choose the right app development company then all of these aspects are taken care of by them.


With this blog, you might have an idea about what are the factors to consider while app development costs. It is not a big deal to develop an app like Amazon, the big deal is to keep your users engaged. Amazon has not achieved this popularity because they have an app. It is because they are launching newer updates constantly and they provide customer support at every stage of purchase. The users should feel like they are purchasing from the physical store only.

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